Top Sports and Health Clubs in Brunswick West, VIC

March 12, 2023
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Brunswick West is home to a variety of sports clubs that cater to all ages and interests. From football to cricket, tennis to lawn bowls, there is something for everyone. The community-driven clubs provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for both seasoned players and beginners. With well-maintained facilities and a range of programs and events, these clubs offer great opportunities to get active, meet new people and develop new skills. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, be sure to check out the range of sports clubs in Brunswick West.


Melbourne Centre For Athletic Performance Brunswick

Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance Brunswick – Professional Physio, Pilates and Remedial Massage

Looking for a professional and caring center for physiotherapy, pilates, and remedial massage? Look no further than the Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance Brunswick. Located on Victoria Street, Brunswick West, this center is known for its knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Top-Notch Treatment from a Thorough and Amiable Physio

Tom Yeung, a fantastic physio, is known for providing intelligent, caring care. He is thorough and amiable, providing great knowledge and experience to his patients. Tom is also empathic and professional, providing in-depth instructions for a path forward and showing genuine care for his patients’ well-being.

The Perfect Place for Treatment and Training

The Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance Brunswick is not just for athletic performance but also for building a community. The center has a kind of community that supports each other while seeking treatment or training. This place is perfect for people seeking treatment or wanting to train.

Highly Recommended by Satisfied Customers

Many satisfied customers have recommended the Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance Brunswick. Patients have reported receiving top-notch treatment and care, especially for those recovering from injuries, such as ACL reconstruction. Tom puts in a lot of time and effort to ensure that his patients receive the best possible care.

In summary, if you are looking for a center for physiotherapy, pilates, and remedial massage, the Melbourne Centre for Athletic Performance Brunswick is the perfect place to go. Tom and the rest of the staff provide professional, knowledgeable, and caring treatment to help you achieve your goals.


Brunswick City Soccer Club

Discover Brunswick West’s Premier Soccer Club: Brunswick City Soccer Club

Located at 22C Peacock St, Brunswick West VIC 3055. Brunswick City Soccer Club is a fantastic club to be a part of, offering plenty of ambition and a great family culture. Whether you’re a player or a spectator, you’re sure to enjoy the lively atmosphere and sense of community that this club offers.

A Rich History

Brunswick City’s foundations can be traced back to the early 1970s when a group of Greek migrants got together for a friendly game of soccer in Thornbury. Eventually, a club was established, which due to the Victorian Soccer Federation regionalisation policy, was initially known as Thornbury Soccer Club. In 1980, a new base was formed in Brunswick where the club took on its new name of Brunswick City “Leonidas” Soccer Club, inspired by the Spartan Warrior.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The team initially played all home games from Royal Park, oval no.9. A move was made to Balfe Park in East Brunswick, before eventually moving to Dunstan Reserve in Brunswick West. With the development of a junior program came the need for bigger and better facilities, and the club now boasts state-of-the-art amenities for both players and fans.

A Sense of Community

Brunswick City Soccer Club is not just a sports club – it’s a community. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the sport, you’ll feel welcome and supported by the friendly staff and passionate fans. In addition to great soccer, the club’s canteen serves some of the best souvlakis in the area, making it the perfect spot to grab a bite and soak up the atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to play, watch, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of Brunswick West’s premier soccer club, Brunswick City Soccer Club is the place to be.


Fitzys Gym


Looking for a top-notch gym experience? Fitzys Gym has got you covered. Located at 507-515 Victoria St in Brunswick West, this gym offers everything you could want from a fitness center.

Equipment and Space

With an extensive selection of weight lifting equipment, including multiple power racks, benches, and cable machines, you’ll never have to wait for equipment again. Fitzys Gym offers a spacious and well-lit gym floor, providing ample space for workouts.

Friendly Staff and Regulars

The staff at Fitzys Gym are friendly and always available to assist with any questions or concerns. Regular gym-goers are also known for their friendly and welcoming attitudes, making the gym feel like a community.


Cleanliness is a top priority at Fitzys Gym. The gym is always spotless, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic workout environment.

In addition to the gym, Fitzys also offers a squash court for members to enjoy.

Overall Experience

Members rave about the positive atmosphere and fantastic experience at Fitzys Gym. With great equipment, friendly staff and regulars, and a clean and spacious facility, it’s easy to see why this gym is a top choice for fitness enthusiasts in Brunswick West.

Brunswick Netball Club

About Brunswick Netball Club

Located in Victoria Street &, Pearson St, Brunswick West VIC 3055, Brunswick Netball Club (BNC) is a family-oriented club that offers opportunities for netball players of all ages and abilities. The club fields over 25 netball teams ranging from Netta (8-10 years) to Under 17 and Open teams, playing at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville.

Our Philosophy

BNC is passionate about netball and its positive impact on the lives of its players. The club’s philosophy is centered around developing not only netball skills but also social and life skills. The aim is to provide a supportive environment for all players to explore their potential at their own pace and in their own way. BNC creates positive experiences for young players, fosters leadership roles for players of higher ability, and celebrates the involvement of players in the sport regardless of skill level.

Join Brunswick Netball Club

Join Brunswick Netball Club and experience the fun, social, and safe environment of Melbourne’s most safely run Social Netball Competitions. Whether you want to make new friends, socially network, or exercise in disguise, Brunswick Netball Club is the perfect place to be. The club is dedicated to facilitating netball fans’ passion for playing and umpiring in netball games across Melbourne. Join as an individual or create and sign up a team, and even become an umpire. The club offers a variety of netball venues and options to suit all players. Additionally, it’s an excellent idea for businesses looking to strengthen working relationships in their workforce.


West Brunswick Tennis Club


Located at 425 Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056. Amazing courts. Gets very busy but that’s just a testament to how wonderful the courts are. There is even access to toilets even during non-staffed days. This place is a nice inexpensive tennis court. Rent the keys at the milk bar close by. An hour is $15. That’s the best price you’ll find in the area. It’s ok to play for fun, the balls could diverted slightly as court has sands on. Great courts with good width so you have plenty of room as a hard hitter. Always tennis being played here.great facilities great people great coaches(Naveen Kumar is really high level standard coach/player). Very nice courts in excellent condition. Lighting is also very good.”

Amazing Courts

The West Brunswick Tennis Club has amazing courts that are a testament to how wonderful they are. They are spacious and have good width, giving plenty of room to hard hitters. The courts are always in excellent condition and are very well-maintained, making them a great place to play tennis.

Inexpensive Tennis Court

This is a nice and inexpensive tennis court, with an hour rental fee of $15, which is the best price you’ll find in the area. You can rent the keys at the nearby milk bar. It is a great place to play for fun and to get some exercise.

Great Facilities and People

The West Brunswick Tennis Club has great facilities, great people, and great coaches. Naveen Kumar, one of the coaches, is a high-level standard coach/player. The lighting is also very good, making it easy to play even during evening hours.

Accessible and Convenient

The tennis courts are accessible and convenient, with access to toilets even during non-staffed days. The courts are always busy, but it only shows how popular and wonderful they are. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the West Brunswick Tennis Club is the perfect place to play tennis.


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