Lead Generation Specialist

Whistle Clean is looking for a Lead Generation Specialist to join our Marketing Team
We are looking for a Lead Generation + Social Media Marketing Specialist to join our team. This role is highly involved in our highly involved in sourcing, engaging and nurturing potential leads
Type: Part-time
Experience: 1-2 years
Skills: Lead generation, social media marketing, and graphic design

Why join our team?

Our mission is to revolutionise the cleaning industry. We strive to deliver a better workplace with job security, respect and dignity. To make that a reality, we need exceptional people to build on, believe in and live by our values.
• Love
• Trust
• Learn
• Integrity
• Contribution
Our Commitment to Loyalty and Honesty for Long-Term Growth
We value loyalty and honesty very much, as they are important to building long term relationships. We want to grow together, both as individuals and as a company.
Flexible Work hours
Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm Melbourne time, but we also value the importance of flexibility in work arrangements. 
Supportive and empowering work environment
We work collaboratively and build meaningful relationship with people around us. Our management team is here to support you achieve your goals.
Flexible Work Arrangement
We believe that location should not limit your ability to work effectively and efficiently.

Amazing opportunities for individual with strong desire to grow

Key Accountability Areas

  • List Building - Research and identify leads for commercial cleaning services, using lead databases and software like Lusha and Apollo, while optimizing lead generation tools through A/B testing.
  • Outreach and Messaging - Reach leads via email, LinkedIn, and SMS with personalized content, monitor sequences for relevance and updates to ensure effective communication.
  • Content Creation - Produce diverse content such as graphics, LinkedIn posts, blogs, and videos using various tools, coordinating with operations for marketing collaterals.
  • Monitoring Conversion Rates - Utilize HubSpot and lead generation tools to monitor and update conversion rates, evaluating progress continuously.
  • Follow-up and Progress Tracking - Maintain systematic follow-up schedules using HubSpot, adjust communication tactics based on lead feedback, and analyze interaction data for engagement enhancement.
  • Providing Insights and Improvement Plans - Generate detailed reports on lead generation performance using data analysis tools, collaborate with the operations team to prioritize actions and resources for driving lead generation initiatives forward.

Key Criteria

  • 1-2 years experience in Lead Generation (e.g through LinkedIn Sales Navigator)
  • AB testing to test out efficiency of messaging to conversion
  • Ability to automate outreach messaging by using Lusha/Apollo, HubSpot, Wiza, Warmly
  • Holistically measure conversion from stages to stages 
  • Proficiency in creating visual content (e.g. Canva)
  • Creating value adding social media content
  • Experience in managing and preparing newsletters.
  • Strong experience in handling company social media accounts across various platforms (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • Knowledge of SEO strategies and techniques would be an advantage.

Growth Opportunity

  • Quarterly progress update & performance review
  • Yearly performance review
  • Potential role to evolve according to your strengths
  • Potentially new opportunities towards your passion of growth
  • Part time commencement with Full time opportunity

Career Pathways

  • Ongoing training and coaching opportunities provided
  • Ongoing review and growth opportunities : professional and personal development
  • Participate in strategy workshops and brainstorming sessions
  • Career direction to potential position of Supervisor, Manager

What our cleaners say about us

Are you ready to be a part of a vibrant and exciting team?
We are one team, one family and we love what we are doing. When we work in this environment, im sure 100% that the client will be happy with us.
Working with Whistle Clean Australia given me the opportunity to raise my income level to support my family and wellbeing needs. You are welcome here because we work as a family, we help each other, we are cooperative and we provide good service to our clients.

We look forward to meeting you!

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