Top Coffee Shops in Brunswick, VIC

March 9, 2023
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Brunswick is a hub of coffee culture with many unique and trendy cafes to explore. Whether you’re in the mood for a strong espresso, a creamy latte, or a refreshing iced coffee, Brunswick has it all. From cozy hole-in-the-wall spots to spacious and stylish establishments, coffee lovers will find themselves spoiled for choice. Many of the cafes also offer delicious breakfast and brunch options, making them the perfect spot to start your day. With friendly staff and great vibes, the coffee shops in Brunswick offer more than just a caffeine fix – they provide a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere that is sure to leave you wanting more. So, grab a friend or a book and head to one of Brunswick’s many coffee shops for an unforgettable experience.


Cafe Ray


Located at 332 Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Cafe Ray is a hidden gem that serves up some of the best burgers and egg & bacon rolls in Victoria.

Delicious Food

Cafe Ray’s thick cut juicy bacon is a crowd-pleaser and when paired with a soft milk bun, it’s a match made in heaven. Every bite is packed with pleasure. The cafe also offers a vegan menu on the flip side of the standard menu, making it an inclusive place for everyone to dine. The scrambled tofu with homemade hashbrowns and sautéed mushrooms is one of the popular vegan options.

Friendly Service and Cozy Atmosphere

Cafe Ray’s staff is friendly and prompt, even with inquiries made through Messenger chat prior to a visit. The venue itself exudes a cozy, rustic charm that provides a great atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee or meal.

Positive Reviews

Customers have been raving about the food and service at Cafe Ray. They love the vibe of the place, making it a great spot to hang out with friends. The owner takes pride in their cafe and often chats with customers to ensure they have a positive experience. It’s no wonder why people keep coming back to Cafe Ray for their coffee and brunch needs.



Project281: A Hidden Gem in Brunswick

Located at 281 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Project281 is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a unique dining experience. This cafe boasts a spacious, industrial-chic interior that makes it feel like you’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem.

Incredible Food and Drinks

With a menu that features a variety of options with a Japanese flair, it can be hard to choose just one dish. Guests rave about the chicken waffles, which are incredibly tasty. The coffee is fantastic, and the hot chocolate is a must-try. The creative cocktail add-ons are a nice touch.

Warm and Inviting Space

Project281 is pram and wheelchair friendly, with lots of high chairs available and a change table in the restrooms. The staff is friendly and helpful with explaining menu options, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Artistic Touches and In-House Roaster

Guests will appreciate the beautiful plating method and artistic touches in the drinks, making for an Instagram-worthy experience. Project281 also has an in-house roaster spot for coffee lovers to enjoy.

Whether you’re stopping in for a leisurely lunch, coffee and sweets, or an evening cocktail, Project281 is a spot not to be missed when in Brunswick.


The Edible Cafe


The Edible Cafe is located at G3/10-14 Hope St, Brunswick VIC 3056, with warm and cozy vibes that will make you feel right at home. The menu features all your brunch staples as well as healthy salads and fried chicken galore.

A Fried Chicken Lover’s Paradise

If you’re a fried chicken lover, The Edible Cafe is the perfect spot for you. The chicken is cooked well – crispy and super juicy. Their sweet and savory combo of chicken and waffles is a must-try.

Perfect Coffee and Delicious Food

The coffee is always perfect at The Edible Cafe, so make sure to order a couple of cups while you’re there. The toasted sandwiches are also famous and delicious, and their chilli scrambled croissant and fluffy hotcakes are a crowd favorite.

Friendly Staff and Comfortable Vibes

The staff at The Edible Cafe are friendly and create a relaxed vibe, making you feel welcome and at home. The juices are made to order and come in colorful varieties. The atmosphere is comfortable and perfect for a leisurely brunch.

Visit The Edible Cafe

The Edible Cafe is smashing their brunch game with their delicious crispy chicken waffle stack, berries hotcake, solid coffee, and beautiful plating. Be sure to save this place for your next brunch date in Brunswick.


New Age Coffee


Located at Dawson St, Brunswick VIC 3056. This shop is absolutely fantastic, The coffee and snacks the girls provide are 10/10! Really recommend getting down there if your in the area you won’t be disappointed. I dropped by on a bike ride and was amazed at how busy it was. The vibe is really cool and really reflects the area (being right near RMIT fashion campus). Em was flat out making the coffee and toasties and Lily was serving. Food was great and service was even better. Keep up the great work!

Best Coffee in Brunswick

New Age Coffee offers the best coffee in Brunswick. The coffee is of premium quality and perfectly brewed. The baristas are highly skilled, and the service is quick and efficient. The cafe also offers tasty milk alternatives for those who prefer non-dairy options.

Cozy Location and Immaculate Vibes

Located in a cozy and tucked away location, New Age Coffee offers a great place to relax and unwind. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the decor is modern and chic. The cafe is a perfect spot to catch up with friends, or to work remotely.

Friendly and Phenomenal Service

The staff at New Age Coffee are friendly and provide phenomenal service. The owners, Em and Lily, are always there to greet customers with a smile and ensure that their experience is top-notch. They go above and beyond to make sure that customers are satisfied with their coffee and food.

Fantastic Food and Snacks

In addition to great coffee, New Age Coffee offers fantastic food and snacks. They have a great selection of toasties and other light bites that are perfect for a quick breakfast or lunch. The cafe’s menu has options that cater to different dietary requirements, including vegetarian and gluten-free options.

New Age Coffee is a must-visit cafe in Brunswick. The coffee is excellent, the atmosphere is welcoming, and the service is phenomenal. Come down to 18 Dawson St and experience the hype for yourself!


Albert Street Cafe


Albert Street Cafe is a charming little cafe located on 21/306 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056. The cafe offers delicious coffee and amazing food. It is a great place to grab a quick bite or to spend an afternoon relaxing.

Relaxed Atmosphere and Friendly Staff

The atmosphere of the cafe is warm and inviting. The staff is friendly and accommodating. They make sure that customers feel at home and enjoy their experience at the cafe.

Tasty Food and Great Coffee

The menu offers a variety of tasty food options including the highly recommended bacon and egg muffin. The coffee is also highly praised by customers. It is considered by many to be the best coffee in the area.

The cafe recently changed ownership, and the new owner is highly praised for their friendliness and warm hospitality. The cafe now also accepts eftpos, making it easier for customers to pay for their orders.

Albert Street Cafe is a hidden gem in Brunswick, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main road. It is a great place to relax and enjoy a delicious coffee or meal. Don’t miss out on this hidden little gem in Brunswick, it is definitely worth a visit.




Clinker is a new coffee shop located at 5 Edward St, Brunswick VIC 3056. The cafe has a fresh, tasteful and welcoming atmosphere that makes it stand out from the crowd. The owner and staff are friendly and provide excellent service that will make you feel right at home.

Amazing Coffee and Delicious Pastry

Clinker is known for its amazing coffee that is smooth and strong, served with care and attention to detail. The coffee is not just milk with a hint of coffee, and it’s the best coffee in Brunswick according to many of its regular customers. Moreover, the cafe offers a variety of freshly baked pastries, including the cinnamon twist pastry, which is moist and delicious.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Clinker welcomes dogs inside, making it a perfect spot for pet owners. It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy a great coffee with your furry friend.

A Must-Visit Coffee Shop

Clinker is quickly gaining popularity among coffee lovers, and it’s not hard to see why. With its great coffee, delicious pastries, friendly staff, and pet-friendly environment, it’s the perfect spot for a quick coffee break or a catch-up with friends. Don’t forget to grab a clinker while you’re there!




6 Florence St, Brunswick VIC 3056.

A Cafe with a Purpose

Looking for a cafe that does more than just serve good coffee and food? Look no further than home.one! This micro cafe is a flagship social enterprise that exists with the mission of eliminating youth homelessness in Melbourne. Nestled into a bustling corner of Brunswick, home.one serves coffee all day alongside artisanal porridge, delicious toasties, and homemade treats. But their impact doesn’t stop there. They’re also hugely innovative in their consideration of the environment. The cafe uses 100% renewable energy, is totally vegetarian, and has a composting partnership for its coffee grounds.

Coffee with a Message

Home.one believes that coffee is all about bringing people together. They strive to create meaningful encounters and a positive atmosphere for their customers. They take pride in their coffee, which is sourced from Five Senses Coffee [Dark Hourse blend] and expertly crafted by their friendly baristas. Their milk is textured to the right temperature, creating a great harmony between the coffee and the milk.

A Sustainable Future

Home.one’s impact report highlights their five pillars of sustainable change: housing, employment, education, confidence, and community. They believe that by addressing these areas, they can make a real difference in the lives of young people experiencing homelessness.

Visit home.one Today

Next time you’re in Brunswick, be sure to stop by home.one. Not only will you enjoy great coffee and food, but you’ll also be supporting a social enterprise that’s making a difference in the community. It’s a lovely place with very nice people, and it’s absolutely worth a visit.


Dojo Espresso


Located at 314 Victoria St, Brunswick VIC 3056, Dojo Espresso is a must-visit spot for coffee lovers. The cafe is known for its perfectly balanced house-roasted blend that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest coffee drinker. But the experience at Dojo Espresso is not just about the coffee, it’s the vibe too! Lachlan and Mark, the friendly and welcoming baristas, create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like a part of the local community.

Delightful Food

Dojo Espresso’s menu is small but mighty. Their selection of toasties is a must-try, especially their reuben, which is packed with generous slices of beef, sauerkraut, and perfectly toasted and buttered bread. The toasties are so delicious, it’s worth getting extra napkins to avoid missing any of the mess. In addition to the toasties, Lachies ‘almost famous’ banana bread is a delightful treat that pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee.

The Vibe

Dojo Espresso is a cozy little hole-in-the-wall cafe, perfect for a quick coffee and a pastry or toastie. The locals love this spot, and it’s easy to see why. The atmosphere is relaxed, the service is friendly, and the coffee is fantastic. A couple of seats inside allow for a quick rest while enjoying the excellent coffee.

In short, if you’re looking for a hidden local gem with great coffee and a relaxed vibe, then Dojo Espresso is the place to be. Don’t miss out on the reuben toastie, and make sure to say hi to the friendly baristas while you’re there!



CBCB & ODFUB: Best Cold Brew in Melbourne

Located at 257 Albert St, Brunswick VIC 3056. CBCB & ODFUB is the place to go for the best cold brew coffee in Melbourne. The rustic and inviting atmosphere of the shop makes it great for both sit-down coffee and takeaway. The friendly staff adds to the welcoming environment, and there are yummy snacks available too. The shop caters to both adults and kids and is very family-friendly. Visitors have been obsessed with CBCB & ODFUB, including those who skipped a yoga class just to visit the shop! The nitro coffee is a must-try, as it’s foamy, creamy, and has high caffeine content. The side of oat milk makes it even better. CBCB & ODFUB also offers sparkling water and delicious plant-based treats. Visitors can even purchase a CBCB & ODFUB shirt and get a free escargot.

Experience Unique and Delicious Drinks

The team of CBCB has so much experience, and their drinks are unique and delicious. The cold brew coffee on tap is a must-have, and visitors can also enjoy a pot of White tea. CBCB & ODFUB also has a good selection of local beers and regional wines. Visitors have had a great experience spending a morning in the shop, enjoying the cold brew coffee and getting some work done.

10/10 Recommend

Visitors can’t recommend CBCB & ODFUB enough, with many saying it’s their favorite spot in Melbourne for coffee. The friendly staff, great vibe, and delicious drinks make CBCB & ODFUB a must-visit when in the area.




Located at 1/34 Union St, Brunswick VIC 3056, The Nicholson Coffee & Eatery is a perfect place to enjoy a lazy Sunday brunch. The cafe has a delightful decoration and chilled music which creates a relaxing atmosphere.


The food at The Nicholson Coffee & Eatery is incredible and the coffee is amazing. The menu has a variety of options to choose from, including delicious take-away tarts. Customers highly recommend the Matcha Latte, Ice Coffee with Ice Cream and the Gozleme dish.


The staff at The Nicholson Coffee & Eatery are very friendly, funny and cute. They represent the diversity of Melbourne by serving a variety of food and beverage. The wide range of nationalities of staff is pretty impressive, and they were all friendly and nice.


The Nicholson Coffee & Eatery is one of the best coffee shops in Melbourne, making it a must-visit spot for anyone who enjoys quality coffee and casual talks. The owner and the manager are very friendly and witty. It is a great place for couples or close groups of friends.

If you are looking for the perfect brunch spot in Brunswick, look no further than The Nicholson Coffee & Eatery. It is definitely worth coming all the way from CBD to enjoy the amazing coffee, food and friendly staff.


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