Office Cleaning 101: 7 shocking most infected spaces in your workplace

June 17, 2021
Reading Time: 5 mins

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You might be reading this now in your cubicle while waiting for a client meeting or looking forward to hearing from one of your prospective business partners. But we are fully aware that you are thinking about your workplace’s sanitary conditions, as well.

Now, more than ever, we learn to appreciate the value of mindful office cleaning and what it does to improve our life, professionally and personally. We can’t deny that some of the deadliest diseases happen to be in the most unexpected corners of our working spaces. If you disagree with this, here are seven of the dirtiest areas that you never thought you’ve been enjoying for the past x years of your corporate life.


Desks and working stations

Before you argue with us, let us ask you this first. How often do you eat at your desk and place different things on your desk? How many times did you touch your nose, mouth, and eyes before you get your hands in those folders containing your department’s year-end reports?

Here’s the thing, due to the high demands of our duties and responsibilities in the office, we resort to working lunches or late dinners in our cubicle to be productive. Please consider that eating at your desk increases the risk of you and your officemates exposure to various and numerous bacteria.

Those crumbs and food particles from your meals could lead to about 20,000 bacteria, fungi, and viruses per square inch. Don’t you dare underestimate what crumbs can do! These little guys are capable of pushing you to file for sick leave!

Don’t panic! Whistle Clean Australia office cleaners suggest you habitually wash your hands before you hit your table and keep in mind to wipe down your desktops, especially those frequently-used surfaces, with disinfectant. If you have office cleaning providers, help them by maintaining an organized desk –meaning no papers or documents living on top of it so they can sanitize your tables before your shift begins.

Keyboards, Computer Mice, and Work phones

Yes! These items are the dirtiest! We don’t judge you if you admit now that you sneeze on it, spill your coffee, or reach for these things after using the toilet. And wait, here’s another truth you may want to hear, share these with a colleague that spits when they talk.

We get that, and that’s pretty gross! If you guys happen to share your keyboard, computer mouse, and office landlines with half of the people in your office, ensure to wipe diligently and ask your office cleaning providers to disinfect and sanitize them regularly. You can’t cut corners on this one. The amount of illness-inducing germs and bacteria that are present on these items are shocking.

Printer, copier, and other office equipment


Germs love to lurk on unexpected places and thrive on buttons you rarely think to clean and sanitize! Don’t let them win! Inform everyone in the office to clean as they go! Make it a habit to wipe down the buttons before and after you use them. Shared office equipment should be one of the top priorities of your office cleaning checklist!

Door Handles

Yup! And you have touched probably one of these today. Come on. It’s hard to get rid of door handles in our office. It’s our access to get around from one area to another. With that said, it is safe to say that these high-touched items are, unfortunately, breeding grounds for germs.

Please do remember that the larger the community you have in the office. The more it demands a sturdy and effective office cleaning strategy. The bigger the population, the larger the variety of germs that could affect your workforce.

Remind everyone to be responsible enough to wash their hands regularly at least 20 seconds before getting their hands to commonly used office equipment or supplies to prevent the widespread of diseases.

Tap your office cleaning providers to ensure that they never forget to give proper attention to all door handles in your office. A simple wiping and sanitizing of these often overlooked active doors regularly could save lives and save jobs.

Kitchen area


Your kitchen in the office is one of the havens of bacteria, fungi, and germs. Why? Well, let’s see. Microwave door handles, coffee makers, refrigerator, water dispensers, kitchen sink, office mugs, should we continue this? Or you can provide it yourself?

Sorry if you happen to read this article now while having your coffee break. And we can’t blame you if you want to eat now but stumble upon this post and left the pantry. We mean no harm. We want you to be vigilant.

We at Whistle Clean Australia values the health and sanity of the people that work for us. And it matters that where they prepare their food is clean, hygienic, and not a hotspot of bacterial infections and viruses. We hope that your office cleaning team supports the same thing.


In these challenging times, you need food to survive the hamster wheel of your professional life. It is only right to ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Shared places like your pantry or breakrooms require a thorough cleaning, especially the parts often overlooked where all office inhabitants most likely to have direct contact.

Vending Machines

The more instant and automatic one provides, the more one wants to have access to it. At any given time and day, one of the busiest areas in every business building is where the vending machines are.

With the convenience it offers to everyone, employees tend to eat and drink their prepackaged food on their way to their cubicles – a practice that leads to the exchange of illness-causing germs.

Elevator and Elevator buttons

Back when we were kids, we get to be too excited to use the elevator in malls or hotels and giggly press all buttons for our entertainment. If your seven-year-old self could read this now, I wonder if you’ll do it the next time you use the elevator. We beat you’ll ask your mum or dad to press the button for you.

Elevators and elevator buttons are no exception in our list as one of the dirtiest areas in your office building. Each day hundreds of people use the elevator to get to their offices, and this scenario quickly attracts different germs or bacteria.

You never know the people you get to share the lift every day. Keep in mind that everyone, yes, including yourself, tracks in germs on their way to the office, and the possibility of spreading it inside the elevator is inevitable.

You may use your elbow to press the buttons or ensure that you disinfect your hands to combat this problem. You may have trust issues now after reading this about using the elevators in your office and might consider using the stairs tomorrow. You know, for some fun and an extra burst of adrenalin for the tasks that wait on your desk!


If you ever wonder why we didn’t include the place where everyone hides their pretty, little, dark, and sometimes dirtiest secrets – the bathroom. It’s like everyone’s common knowledge that our restrooms are one of the most infected areas we have both at home and in the office. We listed those areas that are often overlooked and accurately given the right office cleaning attention.

Whistle Clean Australia vow to be a responsible and committed office cleaning partner to your business because we value your workforce health. We pay close attention to what you need, and we can assure you that we do things differently; we disrupt the way one does the cleaning.


If we share the same value, lets get in touch and see how we can help.

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