Whistle Clean has openings for cleaning Melbourne jobs. Are you looking for a job opportunity in the cleaning industry? Well, we got an amazing opportunity for you!

We are looking for commercial cleaners with good personalities, loyalty, and trustworthiness. We are looking to add new members to our cleaning team who are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to serve the clients’ needs.

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Our mission is to provide the best cleaning service day in and day out. And we pride ourselves in creating a better workplace with job security, respect, and dignity. Because we believe that the value of our business is within our team. But to make that a reality we need exceptional people like you to join our family! Our premium, organic and non-toxic plant based products are comforting while being easy on your team’s allergies, as well as harmless to the planet we all share.In fact, it’s so important we don’t even charge for initial workplace inspections. Empowering you to discover inefficiencies, possible solutions and their benefits before spending a dime.That’s why we take extra effort to take notes with photos and videos for our whole team to review, so that no corner is left unturned, ever.Our analyses and strategy processes will help craft a cleaning regime catered just to you. With minimum disruption to your operation, you’ll feel anew every day you arrive at work.Your team’s wellbeing and workplace presentation should never be compromised, and with our regular performance assessments and benchmark evolution, your space stays fresh and delightful even as it changes.Our team are fully insured and police checked, updated with best-practices and policies, and constantly receive intensive on-site training and guidance.You don’t just receive ‘cleaning’, we help teams adopt healthy and safe hygiene practices, through close communication and collaboration.Quality which don’t deteriorate over time, but instead continuously improves. A dedicated Quality Management team regularly inspects and audits your workplace, ensuring spotless results every time.

Happy, healthy clients is only possible with happy and health team spirit

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