Top Coffee Shops in Docklands, VIC

April 23, 2023
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Docklands is home to some of the best coffee shops in Melbourne. Take a stroll around this vibrant waterfront precinct and you will find a range of cafes serving up some of the most delicious and unique blends of coffee you’ve ever tasted. From traditional Italian espresso bars to trendy modern cafes, Docklands has something to suit every taste. Grab a seat outdoors and enjoy the fresh sea breeze while sipping on a hot cappuccino or try a refreshing cold brew on a warm summer’s day. Whatever your preference, the coffee shops in Docklands are sure to leave you feeling energized and ready to explore the rest of this beautiful area.


Little Bean

Little Bean Dockside Cafe in Docklands

Located on Collins Street in Melbourne’s Docklands, Little Bean Dockside is a charming cafe, serving speciality coffee and a menu of Australian cuisine. Whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix, a decadent breakfast or a lunchtime snack, Little Bean Dockside is the ideal location, with its chic industrial-style decor and cosy ambience.

Friendly service, great coffee and food

The cafe offers friendly service, great coffee and smoothies, with a good range of food options. Customers appreciate the nice large open seating area in the foyer of the Aurecon Centre at 850 Collins Street. The seating area is large and open, with spacious seating and good roll and wrap options by the Docklands.

Consistent quality and great staff

Not only is the coffee great, but the friendly smiles and service from the staff are definitely a great way to start the work day. The staff are polite and cheerful, and customers keep going back mainly for their friendliness. The quality is always consistent, unlike a lot of other cafes. The selection of foods are good too, along with the freshness.

Menu catering to all diet types

The menu at Little Bean Dockside is extensive, catering to all diet types, from paleo to vegan and gluten-free. Customers can choose from sandwiches, all-day breakfasts and hand-baked cakes. We highly recommend the scrambled egg with chorizo on sourdough.

A popular cafe in Docklands

Attracting caffeine addicts and those on a working lunch to its Docklands location, Little Bean Dockside can get busy. To guarantee a table at this popular cafe, make a reservation in advance!


Coffee Gauge

Modern Space and Tasty Food

Coffee Gauge is a modern cafe located at 825 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia. This cafe offers a spacious and contemporary atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying a relaxing coffee break or a quick bite.

Diverse and Delicious Menu

Coffee Gauge serves a variety of fresh and delicious food options that cater to all tastes and dietary requirements. Their toasted wraps are especially noteworthy and are said to be some of the best around. Plus, this is the only place in Docklands where you can grab some delicious Cannoli.

Exceptional Service

Not only is the food great, but the service is also top-notch. The staff at Coffee Gauge are friendly, accommodating, and always willing to engage in conversation with their customers. Their fast and efficient service ensures that you won’t have to wait long for your food or drinks.

Perfect Coffee Spot

Coffee Gauge is the perfect spot for a quick caffeine fix, a delicious breakfast, or a midday snack. Their fabulous coffee and breakfasts are some of the best around. If you’re in the Docklands area and looking for a great coffee spot, be sure to check out Coffee Gauge.



Cafenatics – A Coffee Lover’s Paradise

Located at 809 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia, Cafenatics is a coffee lover’s paradise. The coffee house serves up some of the best coffee in Melbourne, made to perfection, smooth and creamy with the right amount of froth.

Excellent Service

The service at Cafenatics is honestly 5*. The baristas are always friendly and engaging, greeting you when you walk in the door and making you feel welcomed. They personally hand you your take-away coffee no matter where you are waiting for it, ensuring that your take away is as good as a sit down coffee.

Great Coffee and Food

Not only is the coffee amazing, but the food is also fantastic. Customers rave about the quality and freshness of the food, making it the perfect spot for a quick bite or a leisurely brunch.

Convenient Location

While the coffee house is located a short 5-minute walk from Southern Cross station, it’s worth the journey for a perfect coffee fix.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for a great coffee experience, make sure to stop by Cafenatics in Docklands.


Blended Beard

Discover Blended Beard Cafe

If you’re on the hunt for some of the best coffee in Docklands, then look no further than Blended Beard. Located at 818 Bourke Street, this coffee house boasts some of the most personable staff and a great fit-out. Despite queues, they’ll quickly serve up your coffee, so you won’t have to wait too long.

A Great Selection of Drinks

Blended Beard offers a wide range of drinks unique to the store, as well as new guest roasts all the time. There’s something for everyone here, so whether you’re looking for a classic flat white or something more unique, you’ll find it here.

Great Food and Service

The cafe also offers delicious food options including sliders, wraps, and cakes that are to die for. With its fun, polite, and really helpful staff, you’ll feel right at home in this immaculate and cozy cafe.

A Favorite Among Locals

If you’re in the Docklands area, then Blended Beard is a must-visit. Its customers love the fantastic coffee, fresh and delicious food, and great customer service. Plus, they even have a reward system for cups purchased.

Come Visit Blended Beard

So come by and discover what makes Blended Beard Cafe one of the best coffee houses in Docklands. From the fantastic coffee to the delicious food and friendly staff, it’s a cafe you won’t want to miss.


Caffe Bambino

Silky Smooth Coffee and Delicious Bahn Mi Rolls

Located in Buckley Walk, Docklands VIC 3008, Caffe Bambino is a hidden gem cafe, highly recommended by locals and tourists alike. It is a perfect spot for breakfast or lunch, offering silky-smooth coffee and a range of mouth-watering Bahn Mi rolls at reasonable prices.

The coffee at Caffe Bambino is a perfect combination of rich aroma and silky texture, creating a delightful experience for coffee lovers. The bacon and egg banh mi roll is highly recommended and is an absolute bargain at $12. If you’re feeling more adventurous, the BBQ chicken and grilled pork banh mi are both equally delicious.

Friendly Staff and Great Service

The staff at Caffe Bambino are welcoming, friendly, and always ready to help. The efficient and friendly guy over the counter is always ready to serve you the perfect cup of coffee. The cafe has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, with seating arrangements indoors and outdoors overlooking the beautiful park.

Homemade Cakes and Italian Style Coffee

Caffe Bambino is known for its homemade cakes, baked fresh early in the morning. Their Italian-style coffee beans are imported from Italy, offering a unique and authentic coffee experience.

If you’re in the Docklands area and looking for great coffee, delicious food, and friendly service, Caffe Bambino is a must-visit cafe.


Billy Barista

Discover the Best Coffee at Billy Barista in Docklands

Located at 3/861 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia, Billy Barista is a bustling coffee shop that offers some of the best barista-made coffee in the area.

Fast and Friendly Service

Customers can expect fast and friendly service at Billy Barista, with the staff being described as welcoming, warm-hearted, and super friendly. Visitors appreciate the fun, young, and responsible staff who get along with all customers and make their coffee beautifully every day.

Delicious Food Options

Aside from coffee, the café offers a range of delicious food options including Chicken Avocado, Tuna Melt, Vegie Delight, Choripan and Espanol. Portions of scrambled eggs on toast are also generous, making it a great value for quality and quantity.

Unforgettable Coffee

Visitors rave about the coffee at Billy Barista, describing it as the best they’ve ever had. The silky smooth taste and aroma of the coffee make it an unforgettable experience. Visitors also love the wide selection of drinks, including Chai Latte and Cappuccino, which are surprisingly good.

A Welcoming Atmosphere

Billy Barista is a welcoming café that’s open on Sundays, making it a perfect place for people to grab a coffee and a quick bite on the weekend. The café is bustling with locals and tourists alike, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

A Café with a Heart

Aside from offering great coffee and food, Billy Barista is known for having heart. Customers appreciate the willingness of the staff to go above and beyond to help them, such as helping someone find their lost dog.

If you’re in Docklands and in need of a great coffee fix, head over to Billy Barista and experience some of the best coffee in town.


MIN The Cafe and Restaurant

“MIN The Cafe and Restaurant” – A Serene Haven in Docklands

Located at 868 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3205, Australia, MIN The Cafe and Restaurant offers a serene and elegant space that is perfect for breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.

Superb Service and Delicious Coffee

At MIN The Cafe and Restaurant, you can expect excellent service and super friendly staff who go above and beyond to ensure that your visit is enjoyable. The coffee here is highly recommended, and the baristas are skilled in creating silky smooth and frothy cups of coffee that are perfect for a caffeine fix.

Delightful Food and Atmosphere

The atmosphere at MIN The Cafe and Restaurant is both lovely and relaxed, with classical music in the background. The sandwiches and chicken burger are delicious, and they also serve bubble tea, which is a must-try. The slow-cooked pork and soba noodles in dashi broth are highly recommended too.

Must-Try Drinks

Don’t miss out on trying their different tastes of latte, such as the rose latte and black sesame latte. You can also try their home blue magic and chicken soba noodle for a unique and healthy experience.

Visit MIN The Cafe and Restaurant Today!

MIN The Cafe and Restaurant is a hidden gem that is definitely worth the visit. Its beautiful and modern interior, combined with its delicious food and excellent coffee, make it a must-try in Docklands.


Eighteen Pence Lane

Discover Eighteen Pence Lane in Docklands

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly cafe with great pricing, you’ll love Eighteen Pence Lane. Located at 82 River Esplanade in Docklands, this cafe has recently been renovated and has quickly become a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Delicious Food and Great Coffee

Eighteen Pence Lane offers a great menu with plenty of options, including small home-cooked meals that are perfect for a quick bite. Their coffee is excellent, and with prices currently on par or cheaper than other cafes in the area, it’s a great place to grab a coffee without breaking the bank.

A Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere

One of the best things about Eighteen Pence Lane is the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is super friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you have a great experience. The cafe is also decorated with beautiful art on the walls, making it a great place to relax and take in the ambiance.

Don’t Miss the Chicken Sandwich and Chai Latte

If you’re looking for a must-try dish, we recommend the chicken sandwich. It’s out of this world and is sure to leave you speechless. Also, don’t forget to try their delicious toasties and the best chai latte in the area, presented beautifully.

A Great Spot to Work or Relax

Eighteen Pence Lane has plenty of seating options, including a communal table and high table, making it an ideal spot for working or meeting with friends. And with great views of the marina and the city, it’s a great place to relax and take in the scenery.

Overall, Eighteen Pence Lane is a hidden gem in Docklands that you won’t want to miss. With great food, excellent coffee, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot to start your day or take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Cafenetics Forte

Cafenatics Forte: Melbourne’s Leading Boutique Coffee Shop Chain

Cafenatics Forte is a must-visit destination for coffee and food lovers in Docklands, Melbourne. The cafe is located at 809 Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia, and offers a warm and welcoming environment that is perfect for quick meetings with clients or catching up with friends.

Passion for the Best Café Experience

At Cafenatics Forte, the team is passionate about providing the best café experience possible. Since its first shop opened in 2004, Cafenatics has been sharing that passion with customers all over Melbourne. Each of the cafes has been designed to suit an individual clientele, and this focus on personal service and product knowledge has contributed to their excellent reputation.

Award-Winning Excellence

Cafenatics has won a number of industry awards for excellence since opening, and they continue to evolve and push the boundaries of the café experience. Drop in, grab a coffee, a bite to eat, and see why Cafenatics is Melbourne’s leading chain of boutique coffee shops.

Tailored Food Selection

In keeping with the individual character of each café, the range of food available at Cafenatics is tailored to the local clientele. If you have any enquiries about catering or à la carte menus, it is best to contact the specific café directly.

Best Coffee and Delicious Food

Customers rave about the best coffee and delicious food at Cafenatics Forte. Their chicken schnitzel wrap is a must-try and perfect for a quick and satisfying meal. The cafe also offers a honey chai latte, which is quite nice, as well as a nice environment and super friendly staff.

Come to Cafenatics Forte for a coffee experience that is truly exceptional!


Teej cafe

Teej Cafe: Where Simplicity Meets Excellence

Located at 760/B15, Bourke St, Docklands VIC 3008, Teej Cafe is a hidden gem of Docklands. Though it only serves coffee and tea, the quality of their beverages is second to none.

Coffee Like No Other

Teej Cafe is known for its unbeatable coffee. The one-man show, TJ, takes pride in making every cup to perfection. You won’t find any fancy latte art here, but what you will find is a coffee that speaks for itself. The oat latte, in particular, is a must-try.

Quaint Ambience

Teej Cafe’s interior design is minimalist, yet charming. It is an intimate space that is perfect for a quick coffee on-the-go or a catch-up with friends. Teej, the owner/barista, exudes a cool, laid-back vibe that adds to the cafe’s atmosphere.

Friendly Staff

The staff at Teej Cafe are known for their exceptional customer service. They are always welcoming, accommodating, and approachable. If you’re looking for a new favorite coffee place, Teej Cafe will be sure to make you feel right at home.

Simple Life, Great Coffee

TJ, the owner of Teej Cafe, has a passion for a simpler life. As a result, Teej Cafe closes at midday so TJ can have lunch at home. Despite its limited hours, Teej Cafe has managed to garner a loyal following of coffee lovers who appreciate the quality of its coffee.

Teej Cafe may not serve food, but it has a lot to offer. If you’re a coffee connoisseur, Teej Cafe is a must-visit.


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