Top Coffee Shops in Carlton North, VIC

March 17, 2023
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If you’re looking for the top coffee shops in Carlton North, you’re in for a treat! This Melbourne suburb is home to some of the finest coffee shops in the city. Begin your day by visiting some of the cozy coffee shops in Carlton North, which offer the perfect environment for sipping a perfectly brewed cup of coffee and enjoying some mouth-watering breakfast options. For those with a global palate, you can’t miss the international-inspired breakfast and lunch options offered by some of the coffee shops in Carlton North.

Finally, experience a truly unique coffee-drinking experience at one of the stylish and sophisticated coffee shops in Carlton North. They offer a range of single-origin coffees and brewing methods, as well as a variety of tasty pastries and brunch options. Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just looking for a great way to start your day, Carlton North has something to offer everyone. So why not visit this lively and fascinating suburb today?


Coffee Shed On lygon

Coffee Shed On Lygon: Satisfying Coffee and Delicious Food

Looking for an excellent coffee shop in Carlton North? Look no further than Coffee Shed On Lygon!

Located at 1020 Lygon St, Carlton North VIC 3054, this drive-thru coffee shop is known for its amazing coffee and yummy food.

Quality Coffee and Affordable Prices

Customers rave about the delicious coffee, which is strong and satisfying. The prices are also cheaper than many other coffee shops, making it an affordable option for locals and visitors alike. Even after Covid times where everything has gone up, Coffee Shed On Lygon has managed to maintain their affordable prices while delivering excellent quality coffee.

Friendly and Young Staff

The staff at Coffee Shed On Lygon are known for being friendly and helpful, making customers feel welcome and appreciated. They make morning coffees every day with a smile, which is a great start to any day.

Drive-Thru Convenience

Coffee Shed On Lygon is a drive-thru coffee shop, making it easy and convenient for customers who are on the go. But don’t worry if you’re not in a car, as the staff is super friendly and accommodating to all customers, whether on foot or on a bicycle.

Great Coffee from Duke’s

The coffee served at Coffee Shed On Lygon is from Duke’s, a renowned and respected coffee roaster. Customers can enjoy the best latte in Carlton, without having to get out of their car.

In conclusion, Coffee Shed On Lygon is the perfect coffee shop for those looking for quality coffee, delicious food, and friendly staff. So why not give it a go and experience the best that Carlton North has to offer?


Rathdowne Street Cafe

Rathdowne Street Cafe: Great Coffee, Delicious Food, and Friendly Staff

Looking for a fantastic cafe in Carlton North? Look no further than Rathdowne Street Cafe!
Located at 619 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054, this cafe is known for its great coffee, delicious food, and friendly staff.

On-Point Coffee and Scrambled Eggs

Customers rave about the on-point coffee, which is consistently delicious and satisfying. The Sujak scrambled eggs are also a must-try, as they are as good as they look in pictures.

Best Service and Quality

The service at Rathdowne Street Cafe is top-notch, with staff who are friendly and welcoming. Customers appreciate the delicious food and the wide variety of options available. It’s no wonder that this cafe is known for having the best service and coffee in town.

Personalized and Welcoming Customer Service

The cafe has a reputation for personalized and welcoming customer service. Customers who visit regularly are remembered by name and made to feel like family.

Great Quality Bacon and Turkish Rolls

The food at Rathdowne Street Cafe is always fresh and of high quality. The bacon used in the bacon and egg rolls is great quality and not covered in fat, which is a rarity. The Turkish rolls are long and filled end to end, making for a satisfying lunch.

In conclusion, Rathdowne Street Cafe is the perfect spot for those looking for great coffee, delicious food, and personalized customer service. With friendly staff and high-quality ingredients, this cafe is a must-visit for anyone in the Carlton North area.


The Fat Spatula

The Fat Spatula: Amazing Crepes and Delicious Coffee

Looking for a cafe with amazing crepes and delicious coffee in Carlton North? Look no further than The Fat Spatula!
Located at 627 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054, this cafe is known for its wonderful crepes, delicious coffee, and excellent customer service.

Wonderful Crepes and Cold Brew

Customers rave about the wonderful crepes, with the confit orange and chocolate almond crepe being a standout. The orange is mildly sweet and not at all bitter, making it a perfect choice for those with a sweet tooth. The cold brew is also a must-try, with its smooth and refreshing taste.

Excellent Customer Service

The customer service at The Fat Spatula is top-notch, with staff who are friendly and welcoming. Customers who arrive during busy periods are made to feel valued and appreciated, with free drinks and kind gestures from the staff.

Best Coffee and Crepes in Melbourne

The coffee at The Fat Spatula is consistently excellent, with the baristas being skilled and knowledgeable. Customers rave about the crepes, with some calling them the best they’ve had in Melbourne. The service is consistently excellent, with staff who are always friendly and welcoming.

Adorable Service and Nice Atmosphere

The atmosphere at The Fat Spatula is cozy and inviting, with an adorable and friendly service that makes customers feel at home. The staff are always happy to chat and make recommendations, adding to the welcoming and warm atmosphere.

In conclusion, The Fat Spatula is a must-visit cafe for those looking for amazing crepes, delicious coffee, and excellent customer service. With its cozy atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s the perfect spot for a lazy morning or an afternoon catch-up with friends.


Maria’s Coffee House and Deli

Maria’s Coffee House and Deli: Authentic Italian Deli and Coffee

Looking for an authentic Italian deli with great coffee in Carlton North? Look no further than Maria’s Coffee House and Deli!

Located at 793 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054, this family-run coffee house and deli is a hidden gem. From the street, it may not look like much, but step inside and you’ll find a treasure trove of European meats, cheeses, and dry goods.

Great Selection of European Fine Wines

Maria’s also has a bottle shop attached, with a great selection of imported beer and wine. Customers appreciate the reasonable prices and the friendly, local vibe.

Superb Cup of Coffee and Deli Foods

The coffee at Maria’s is superb, with customers raving about the fresh and delicious cup of coffee for just $3.50. The deli foods are also excellent, with a great selection of European fine wines and lovely fresh coffees at cheap prices.

Delicious Meatballs and Grilled Vegetables

Customers who visit regularly recommend trying the hot food, freshly prepared for lunch. The meatballs in homemade tomato sauce and the grilled vegetables are both delicious and flavorful.

Friendly and Local Vibe

The service and vibe at Maria’s are friendly and local, with staff who are knowledgeable and welcoming. Customers appreciate the personal touch and the family-run atmosphere.

In conclusion, Maria’s Coffee House and Deli is a must-visit spot for those looking for an authentic Italian deli and coffee experience in Carlton North. With its great selection of European meats, cheeses, and dry goods, as well as a superb cup of coffee and fine wines, it’s the perfect spot to grab a quick bite or to stock up on delicious ingredients for home cooking.



Explore Florian in Carlton North

Florian, located at 617 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054, is a must-visit cafe in the area. With its beautiful location on the famous Rathdown Street, Florian offers a unique and creative European menu that you won’t find anywhere else in Melbourne.

Savoury Delights

One of the most popular dishes is the heirloom tomatoes toast with macadamia cream, which is so flavourful thanks to the garlic chive oil they use. The herb and gruyere omelette is also a favourite, as well as their roast chicken sandwich, which is filled with nice crispy chicken skin.

Sweet Treats

Florian is not only known for its savoury delights, but also for its mouth-watering pastries. Their plum Danish is a crowd-pleaser, and their small cakes are a perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Exceptional Service

The staff at Florian are exceptional with their service, creating a relaxed and friendly vibe. Despite being a popular spot, the food and coffee are served quickly, making it a great place to stop by for a quick bite or a leisurely breakfast.

Must-Visit Cafe

Florian is a new favourite among locals and visitors alike. The food is fantastic, the coffee is heavenly, and the service is stunning. If you’re in the Carlton North area, Florian is definitely worth a visit.


A Treat of France (Carlton North)

A Taste of France in Carlton North: A Bakery Worth Visiting

Located at 765 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054, “A Treat of France” offers an authentic French bakery experience right in the heart of Melbourne.

Savoury and Sweet Pastries with a French Touch

Their pastries taste just like those from a corner bakery in France, with delicious plain croissants, almond and chocolate croissants, spinach tarts, Portuguese tarts, and much more. You can also try their sourdough baguette, which has a strong sourdough taste that will transport you straight to a French boulangerie.

Freshly Made Baguettes and Paninis

In addition to their delectable pastries, “A Treat of France” also offers mouth-watering baguettes and paninis. The chicken and avocado baguette, with a panini-like finish, is a popular choice. And if you want to warm it up, their friendly staff are more than happy to do so.

Perfect Coffee and Immaculate Service

Their barista girl makes an immaculate coffee that pairs perfectly with their baked goods. The atmosphere is welcoming and cosy, and the customer service is top-notch.

A Local Business Worth Supporting

This excellent bakery and cafe is a local business that deserves support from the community. So, next time you’re in the Carlton North area, be sure to visit “A Treat of France” for a taste of authentic French pastries and baked goods.



Biscotteria: A Sweet Italian Treat

[CONTENT] “288 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054. This a prime example of why Italian food in general is just better than most other cuisines. The biscuits here especially are so well done, some even hand made. The Ricotta and Spinach that I had was a savoury snack that ended up much better than I expected. Coffee was also just the right amount of bitter. The ladies who served us were very kind too.

A Gluten-Free Haven

Biscotteria had an enjoyable ambience with patrons enjoying their day. All the sweets are made on site with love. Amazing selection. Custard doughnut was fantastic. Coffee was first class and the service was with a smile. Additionally, they have a great gluten-free range of products.

Exceptional Italian Pastries

Exceptional Italian pastries are the specialty of this tiny cafe and shop. Sit down or takeaway. Excellent coffee. Outdoor seating in a heritage area of North Carlton. I have been a client years before the shop front opened. Top quality baked products and Joe is a national treasure. 3rd generation Swiss baker of the finest biscotti in Melbourne.

A Diverse Menu

Lovely Autumn’s day. Sat outside, great coffee accompanied by several yummy cakes. Biscotteria is a prime example of a diverse menu. From savoury snacks like Ricotta and Spinach to delicious Italian biscuits, cakes and excellent coffee. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere is perfect for a relaxing afternoon.



Authentic Danish Delights in Carlton North

If you’re looking for a taste of Denmark, look no further than DeliDanois. This charming boutique cafe located at 733 Nicholson St, Carlton North VIC 3054 serves traditional Danish fare that will transport you straight to Copenhagen.

A Culinary Adventure for Your Taste Buds

From hot dogs to open sandwiches, all foods are freshly prepared by the qualified Chef/Owner. DeliDanois offers a range of delicious meals suitable for a casual lunch or quick takeaway. Try the classic Danish hot dog that is packed with flavor or the Danish meatballs that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

A Hospitable Addition to Nicholson Street

The owner is lovely and the staffs are hospitable, making your visit a warm and welcoming experience. You can also find a great selection of Danish bottled delicacies and superb Danish open sandwiches, as well as traditional cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Perfect for Celebrations

DeliDanois can cater to your special occasion with its delicious and traditional Kagemand that will give a beautiful touch to your celebration. They take care of every detail in the meal with a selection of Smushi, meatballs, and a very good traditional birthday cake among others.

DeliDanois is worth a visit if you’re in the area. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy authentic Danish food and excellent customer service. Stop by for a coffee in their trad Copenhagen china or grab a delicious bite to eat for lunch. Come and discover the delights of DeliDanois!


Calle Bakery

Indulge in Delicious Croissants and Pastries at Calle Bakery

Located at  649 Rathdowne St, Carlton North VIC 3054. If you’re looking for a quick and delicious breakfast or snack, Calle Bakery is the place to be. Indulge in their famous croissant wheel and chocolate almond croissant for a delightful experience. While the pistachio flavour may not live up to the hype, the delicious filling makes up for it. Friendly staff, wide range of offerings, cute outdoor seating and ambience make it a perfect spot to stop by. The croissants and pastries here are definitely worth trying.

Love for Croissants

If you’re a croissant lover, you’ll find the best croissants in town at Calle Bakery. The staff is friendly and the service is top-notch. While the outdoor seating area is often full during the weekends, waiting a bit can get you a seat to enjoy the perfect breakfast or snack.

A Range of Delicious Treats

Calle Bakery offers a range of pastries and treats, including lychee Earl Grey croissant wheel, pistachio croissant wheel, and sandwiches with tomato and burrata. All of their offerings are of high quality and are a must-try.

Visit Calle Bakery

Located in Carlton North, Calle Bakery is definitely worth a visit for their delicious croissants and pastries. While some items may not live up to the hype, the overall experience is delightful.


Filous Patisserie and Bakery

Discover the Best Kept Secret in Carlton North: Filous Patisserie and Bakery

Located at 187 Fenwick St, Carlton North VIC 3054, Filous Patisserie and Bakery is a hidden gem that’s waiting to be discovered.

Best Almond Croissants in Melbourne

If you’re a fan of almond croissants, you’re in for a treat. Filous Patisserie and Bakery offers one of the best almond croissants in Melbourne. The filling is amazing, great tasting and always fresh, and the croissant itself is the biggest you’ll find. You’ll definitely want to buy them again!

Cozy Place with Amazing Desserts

Filous Patisserie and Bakery is a cozy place with a friendly staff, situated in front of a cemetery. The desserts look nice and the pies and tarts are definitely worth a try.

Underrated Bakery

Filous Patisserie and Bakery is a highly underrated bakery that offers delicious and high-quality pastries and pies. Their beef and burgundy pie is a must-try. The steak is succulent and the pastry is on point, no salt needed. The caramel eclair and mini quiche are also highly recommended.

Excellent Customer Service

The workers at Filous Patisserie and Bakery are polite, friendly, and provide excellent customer service. The Baker even stopped and put his pies down to give a wave.

If you’re in the Carlton North area, be sure to visit Filous Patisserie and Bakery. You won’t be disappointed with the delicious pastries, savory pies and tarts, and excellent customer service.


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