Fun things to do in Kensington, VIC

May 11, 2023
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Kensington is a lively and charming suburb located in Victoria, Australia. The area is filled with fun things to do, from exploring local cafes to visiting historic landmarks. Visitors can enjoy delicious coffee, brunch, and gelato at various cafes and restaurants. Those looking to learn more about the area’s history can visit the nearby museums and landmarks. Kensington also offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as exploring local parks or taking a stroll through the neighbourhood. Whether visitors are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or a fun-filled day trip, Kensington has something to offer for everyone.


The Venny

The Venny: A Community Playground for All Ages in Kensington

Located in Kensington, The Venny has been changing and saving lives for over 40 years. This community playground provides a range of free activities, including food and drawing. Despite some reports of teenage profanity, The Venny remains a great play center for children in the area.

A Great Place for Kids in Kensington

The Venny offers various activities for kids of all ages. Visitors can stop at the South Kensington station and walk for about 500m to reach the playground. Once there, kids can enjoy riding a bike to the outside footy field and jogging track. If they’re lucky, someone might even share free food.

A Place for Creativity and Family Fun

Families love visiting The Venny for its creative activities, cooking experiences, and amazing outdoor setup. The friendly staff make visitors feel welcome and create a warm atmosphere. If you’re looking for a community playground that provides a range of activities for all ages, The Venny is the perfect spot to spend a day in Kensington.


Melbourne Pavilion

Explore the Spacious Melbourne Pavilion

If you’re looking for a venue for an event in Kensington, the Melbourne Pavilion is definitely worth checking out. This sprawling venue offers a mix of fancy elements and multiple outdoor spaces, which makes it an excellent choice for larger events.

A Perfect Event Space

The Melbourne Pavilion offers a very spacious main area, a large VIP room, a huge bar, a great outdoor area, and private booths with air conditioning that overlook the main area of the venue, making it a perfect space for a variety of events.

Great for Music Events

This venue is also known for hosting amazing electronic music events. The numerous areas and large space create an immersive experience for concert-goers.

Experience May Vary

While the Melbourne Pavilion has a mixed reputation, sticking to the music events is a surefire way to ensure a great time. It’s worth noting that the experience may vary depending on the type of function being hosted.

Top-Notch Staff

One thing that sets Melbourne Pavilion apart from other event spaces is the top-notch staff. They are friendly, accommodating, and provide excellent service.

Perfect for Hobby Hangouts

If you’re looking for a unique space for your next hobby hangout, Melbourne Pavilion is a great option. The venue is open and dark, but can be brightened up depending on your preference. Overall, it’s a fun and different location for any hobby gathering.


White Rabbit Record Bar

A Hidden Gem for Music and Drinks

Located on Bellair St, Kensington, White Rabbit Record Bar is a small but lovely bar that offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for those looking to enjoy some good drinks and music. The service is top-notch, and the drinks are varied and lovely, making it an ideal spot for a night out with friends or a romantic date.

Great Vibe and Amazing Staff

White Rabbit Record Bar has a great vibe with amazing staff that make every visit worthwhile. This Mexican influenced bar serves all-day brunch, tapas, pizza of the day, and blackboard specials, along with beer on tap, a small range in pack, a small wine and cocktail list. Additionally, the bar sells old records and new vinyl that you can browse and purchase.

Good Food, Drinks, and Atmosphere

Guests are impressed by this awesome little cafe/bar. They serve good food and drinks, and the atmosphere is fantastic. The tapas are authentic Spanish, and the bar also has a cute courtyard out the back that is perfect for warm evenings. Whether you’re looking for a place to hang out with friends, enjoy some delicious food, or sip on some great drinks, White Rabbit Record Bar is definitely worth a visit.


Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia: Providing Independence to People with Vision Loss

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is a non-profit organization based in Kensington, Victoria that is dedicated to providing independence to people with vision loss. The organization trains puppies to become guide dogs for people with low or no vision. They are always seeking new puppy raisers who can volunteer their time to help them raise puppies to become amazing guide dogs.

A Great Cause to Support

Many people who have benefited from the Seeing Eye Dogs program share their experiences, and encourage others to become involved with the organization. The staff at Seeing Eye Dogs are friendly and helpful, and the organization provides all necessary training and support to puppy raisers.

World-Class Training Facility

The Seeing Eye Dogs training facility is world class, and the organization is committed to training and preparing their dogs to be the best possible guide dogs for their owners. The organization also provides ongoing support and care for their guide dogs, including food, equipment, and vet bills.

Making a Difference

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is an incredible organization that is making a real difference in the lives of people with vision loss. By raising a Seeing Eye Dog, individuals can make a meaningful contribution to this cause and help improve the quality of life for people in need.


Little Seed Library

Little Seed Library: A Community Resource for Gardening Enthusiasts

Located at Eastwood St, Kensington VIC 3031, Australia. These little street libraries have been developed in partnership with some of our incredible community groups and organisations to help us all through the recovery of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are a twist on the traditional street libraries as they not only offer books, but provide seedlings, cuttings and other gardening materials and produce for people to take and share to help our community grow.

Growing Together

The Little Seed Library project aims to provide information and resources for community members to do gardening at home, on a window sill, a garden bed or in a pot. We hope this activity encourages people to get out and about and explore their interest in edible gardening, planting, community gardening and in nature.

Supporting Local Initiatives

This unique initiative was developed in partnership with local community groups and organisations, aiming to provide resources for the community during and post the COVID-19 pandemic. The Little Seed Library encourages sustainability and promotes the idea of sharing resources and knowledge for the greater good of our community.

A Sustainable Future

The Little Seed Library is a fantastic resource for the community, providing access to information and resources for those interested in gardening and creating a sustainable future. Visit and become part of this wonderful community initiative, taking part in the sustainable future for us all.


Bellair Street Mosaics

Discover the Bellair Street Mosaics

A set of twelve vibrant circular mosaics representing the local architecture and landmarks can be found on Bellair Street in Kensington. The mosaics were created in 1996 as part of a public art and job skills project led by artists Helen Bodycomb and Paul Robinson. The participants, including a diverse group of individuals from various backgrounds, were employed by the City of Moonee Valley and worked together for six months to design, construct, and lay the mosaic tiles. The artworks celebrate the strong community identity of Kensington and have been carefully preserved and reinstated by the City of Melbourne as part of street works.

A community-driven public art project

The Bellair Street Mosaics is a unique project that showcases the talent and creativity of the local community. The participants worked diligently and produced mosaics of the highest professional standard. The mosaics reflect the themes that the participants had researched and hold significant meaning to the local community.

A stunning collection of public art

The Bellair Street Mosaics are a stunning collection of circular mosaics that represent the local architecture and landmarks of Kensington. The mosaics are colourful, vibrant, and have a significant cultural and artistic value. They are a testament to the creativity and dedication of the participants and artists who brought this project to life.

Preserving the mosaics for future generations

The City of Melbourne has taken a significant step in preserving the Bellair Street Mosaics by reinstating them as part of street works. The mosaics will be carefully preserved and integrated with other surfaces on the street to ensure their longevity. Helen Bodycomb and the City of Melbourne are working together to ensure that lost material is replaced with custom-made tiles so that future generations can continue to enjoy the beauty and significance of these mosaics.


In Aetheria

In Aetheria – Unleash Your Inner Artist

Unleash your inner artist and tap into your creative side with the water marbling workshop offered by In Aetheria. Located at 75A Stubbs St, Kensington VIC 3031, Australia, the workshop offers a unique introduction to the world of water marbling as uniquely applied in all printmaking seen in the brand’s clothing and products.

Therapeutic Experience

The founder Amanda will introduce you to the basics of water marbling, allowing you ample time to explore your creativity and approach the art without any pressure. The inks in the marbling bath offer visually stimulating footage that is sure to be a hit on social media. Not to mention, the mesmerizing way the inks morph and move offers quite a therapeutic experience.

Quality Materials

This workshop is truly special as Amanda provides you with materials that have been prepped beforehand using potash alum, enabling you to create your own wearable art on fabric. The ink used is completely wash-fast after the ink dries, rinses, and is ironed to set permanently.

Optional Add-Ons

The fabric might not dry in time to take it home, but you are welcome to come back another day to pick it up. Alternatively, you may select to have your pieces mailed out to you as an optional add on. If you prefer to have Amanda handle the rinsing and ironing of your fabric, this is also an optional add-on.

Perfect for any Group or Solo Event

This water marbling class is perfect for any group or solo event. Whether you’re trying something new with a friend, looking for romantic date night ideas or just looking for a relaxing creative outlet, gather your loved ones along to this unique and unforgettable experience. Don’t forget to share your creations on Instagram and tag In Aetheria for a 10% discount on studio store merchandise.


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