How mindful hygiene practices in childcare influences kid’s growth and development

June 15, 2021
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One of the most important facets of teaching a child to care for their bodies is proper hygiene. It is valuable for kids to understand how vital it is to know how to take good care of their hygiene because they will carry these practices when they grow older. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

As supporters of childcare providers in the industry, Whistle Clean Australia sees that the foundation of lifelong responsible maintenance of personal hygiene roots in childhood, and early child care plays a significant role in this task. We believe a healthy childhood does not only guarantee healthy adulthood. But it develops positive values about health in the community and the health services in the industry.

We have a list of some of the reasons why we find responsible personal hygiene impacts children in childcare center’s growth and development.

An increase in hygiene awareness means a decrease in infectious diseases

Children spend most of their time in childcare facilities. And it matters that you share information about personal hygiene and how it will affect their overall health. Teaching them the value of simple handwashing could save them from the troubles of being infected by respiratory infections such as pneumonia, common colds, asthma, and other diseases, including skin diseases, dental diseases, diarrheal diseases, and eye infections.

kids washing their hands in the faucet

Sickness could limit children’s capacity to do the things that they love. It will affect how they view themselves at the same time. The sicklier they become, the weaker the way they see themselves to take on exciting school activities in the future – an important avenue for them to build their confidence.

Develops a positive and healthy body image

Childcare centers should push for personal hygiene in the school curriculum and their childcare cleaning service providers because of one thing, image. First impressions matter; we must ensure that we uplift to the expectations of our clients. And if you think your clients are solely the parents, you are wrong. Your business partners are those little humans that give you hi-fives and cute adorable smiles!

A boy wearing an officer's uniform

Children are attracted to beautiful things. Why not turn that into something they all can relate to themselves? Childhood is a critical stage for everyone because this is our training ground of what an adult we will become in the future, and kids should learn about feeling more confident and comfortable in their skin. And one way to achieve that is through proper hygiene.

Good hygiene promotes social and professional life success

Our childcare cleaners in Whistle Clean Australia support a culture that prioritizes personal and professional development. The reason why good hygiene is a must to us, caregivers. We have to be a symbol of what we stand for and commits to deliver.

The same is through with your childcare centers. If you want to breed children to become successful, driven, and responsible adults, start by injecting into their system the value of practicing good hygiene. This world is harsh and cruel for those with low self-esteem, groom children to become less anxious, less self-doubting, and less isolated professionals ready to be the spark of change the society needs.

two girls talking

Physical care affects kid’s sensitive views towards their environment

You may see them as a kid who seemed clueless of what was going on around them, but they know exactly how and what they feel each moment. When they feel good inside, they become more sensitive and mindful about others – what proper hygiene habits do in some areas of a child’s life. Imagine the difference it can create in society if one person respects and values others. Notice your childcare cleaning providers now; are they sensitive to what your needs are?

Improve hygiene practices build a sense of independence and critical thinking

Believe it or not, childcare cleaning entails more than just ensuring your school is in its best condition. It demands more of what it can do in the corners of your childcare centers because it must improve the lives of the people who benefit from it.

The same goes for your responsibility to your students. They may find it challenging to air out what they feel, but they are observant around them. Positive hygiene practices in school allow kids to become more independent and critical thinkers.

They begin to look after themselves unconsciously and start to feel better about the independence it brings to their life, making them feel at ease and gain a positive sense of self. Isn’t it one of the prime factors of why we do what we love to do? Service? The ability to transform lives and shape one’s future.

Whistle Clean Childcare Cleaners aims to be your peace of mind in shaping minds, hearts, and the future. We don’t do business only to gain attention and earn. It is our commitment to the next generation to deliver excellence with a soul.

If you wish to get in touch with us to know more about how we do things, please do so. No obligation, Whistle Clean Australia assures you that.


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